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Wed March 05. 2014.
How Online Casinos Keep Gamers Playing
One of the most interesting questions regarding mobile and online gaming is how developers continue to keep their products so engaging and addictive.
A flappy case of a Flappy Bird
We wrote an article about the latest mobile hit - Flappy Bird! An in depth analysis of a Flappy Bird phenomenon.

Fri January 25. 2013.
Actionscript 3 ( AS3 ) - Handling Layers and Depth
Ever wondered how to set-up stuff correctly inside AS 3.0 to handle the Z-depth of your MovieClips? Then you should definitely check out this article.

Well, for a total beginner, this is a pretty tricky thing to achieve.
Trap the Zombie!

Use mouse to remove blocks, and trap the zombie before he wakes up!
Don't let him fall on the grass!
Average Joe

Innovative puzzle platformer featuring young peasant Joe who must fight the evil wizard and get through his magical dungeons!
Ragdoll Rooftops

Innovative and exciting twist on canabalt type of games, featuring physics and explosions!
Penguin Soccer

What's more fun than penguins and soccer combined?
Skill Test 2

Skill test 2 is one of the best testers of speed and reflexes out there.
Wrath of Evil

Wrath of Evil is one of our biggest projects, a defense game featuring beautiful art, epic music and engaging and fun gameplay and game mechanics.
Pengu vs Zombies

Pengu vs Zombies is a fun game in which you must help penguin Pengu collect fish and save him from evil zombie penguins.
Pengu in Trouble

Pengu in Trouble is holiday/winter/penguin themed canabalt style game suitable for all ages. Help Pengu escape from the killer whale! Fast and fun!
Zombie Run

Zombie Run is a simple zombie themed avoider game in which you must feed on humans and avoid obstacles for as long as you can.

Penguinator is a chain reaction game in which evil aliens come to earth to reproduce by killing penguins. Fun gameplay and story!
Skill Test

Skill test is the best tester of speed and reflexes currently available online. There is also a version of it on Apple, Samsung and Android appstore's.
Bus Stop

Bus Stop is a very original and exciting logic game. Help danny circle around the station while he is waiting for a bus. He can't stand still because he will explode!

A very polished and fun meteor avoider game in which you have to escape from the milky way which has been destroyed using a small spaceship.


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